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How It Works

How It Works
What Is IDEA?

All of life is problem-solving. Students need creative problem-solving skills to overcome complex challenges– both in their daily lives and in preparation for the future. That is why inwardBOUND, with support from the SINGAPORE NATIONAL ARTS COUNCIL created Inter-Disciplinary Exposure to the Arts, or IDEA that perfectly blends online self-directed and face-to-face learning through creative problem-solving using Arts as the melding tool! This not only develop creative skills in students, it harasses the power of arts to motivate students to learn language and presentation, in a more engaging way.

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How It Works
Why Did We Create IDEA?

The way of the future
Our program uses Creative Problem Solving to encourage students to find fresh perspectives and come up with innovative solutions. Each creative module presents opportunities to build desirable experiences. 

Beyond standard curriculum
This holistic process beyond the traditional scope of literacy and numeracy, allows them to use their newly found arts skills and knowledge to formulate a plan and take successful action.

It leverages a mobile, micro-learning platform to expose students to multiple electives of their choice and curated content online for self-directed study

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Our online program prepares you for the festival

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Part 1

Online Creative Arts Programmes to build creativity and English.

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Part 2

Workshops online or face to face that allows participants to present confidently to their course mates through classes.

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Part 3

Attend Festivals - IDEA Festival/Re:ACT Changemakers Festival    

Participants work on global issues through the Arts, alongside international participants.IDEA FestivalParticipants assemble in host countries of their choice. Refine their online  interdisciplinary arts forms learnt and create a showcase of their talents.

How It Works
Who is this for?

Younger Students, Age 9-12
Parents and schools are often looking for new programs to build their children's skills. IDEA will give them the means to learn curated content, without ads, with security, in school or from



Older Students, Age 13-18
Youths are often looking for new hobbies. IDEA will give them the means to learn in school or at home. It will give them the opportunity to discover new friends internationally, connect, and to learn from them.

How our lessons work

Our Online classes provides fully digitised content, allowing participants hands-on learning and sharing with participants from everywhere.

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