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Learn & Create

Learn and Create
What our innovative platform can do

IDEA online provides students with an enriching learning experience. These modules form the foundation of works for their showcase at the festival. Participants get:

1- Easy access to content modules on-demand

2- To showcase their work in progress online, share their learning, comment and respond to other created works all under one platform

3- Collection and storage of individualised e-portfolio

4- Weekly progress updates

5- To earn micro-accreditations where students can download the certificate upon completion of each module they have taken. 

Interactive classes you'll love

Learn and Create
How Our Lessons Work

Our Online classes provides fully digitised content, allowing participants hands-on learning and sharing with participants from everywhere. 


Course Library

Group Sharing

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Access Our Creative Online Library

With close to 16 different modules, 70 hours of creative problem solving, you can learn on demand from the comforts of your own home 

Learn & Create With Our Artist Curators

In each of your many arts modules, instructors share their creative process to guide you to the final product 

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Make New Friends & Meet A Supportive Group Of Peers To Grow In Your Creative Journey

From our social feed, share your progress and receive feedback. As you share your works with your fellow participants, get comments from them, ask questions, learn from others. For example, a student may post a dance video to the feed to showcase to their peers and watch their peers’ work.

Stay On Track With Your Course Mates

With timely reminders on your course completion, and your ranking, see how you match up against your fellow course mates 

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Complete The Course With Your Very Own Product

From Dance, to Music, Visual Arts to Drama, create your own individual piece of Creative Work at the end of every module. 

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