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Transformation Through Drama was founded in 2005 by Nora Crothers. At inwardBOUND, we believe that drama has the power to transform the very core of human society: the self. Our name represents a world made better through empathy and harmony. We nurture young talents to be the best at what they do because the future lies in their hands.

For over 15 years, we have tirelessly inspired thousands of participants and tens of thousands more audience members with our co-curricular programmes, touring shows, and our signature re:ACT Festival to drive social change. Our organic creation of a company has moved leaders in the theatre industry.

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Alia Alkaff

Alia Alkaff is a writer and videographer. She has worked with W!LD Rice, Not Safe For TV and InwardBOUND, creating and filming video content. Alia was also a storywriter for one of Singapore's longest running English dramas, ‘Tanglin’. Recently, her work has been showcased in the Women Voices Now Film Festival 2021.



Phoebe Chen

Phoebe has 16 years of dance experience and has spent the last 5 years teaching ballet and jazz to young children. She has attained the Gold Star for ATOD Jazz, and Advanced Foundation for RAD Ballet, and is actively choreographing and performing commercially. She believes that dance helps children expand their creativity through movement and that anyone can dance, given the right guidance and patience. 

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Agustin Rodriguez

Agustin Rodirguez is an Argentinian music producer, musician and composer with a huge amount of passion for both the music making process and sharing everything he knows to help others get started on the path of music! No job too small or too big for him, he strives to put a bit of himself into every project he's a part of, and to help others make their vision a reality.

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Sri Warisan

Sri Warisan is a performing arts company founded by renowned cultural Medallion recipient, Madam 
Som Said. Sri Warisan, formed in 1997, is one of the pivotal forces in Singapore’s Malay dance scene. Blending rich traditional forms with contemporary techniques is Sri Warisan’s trademark.

Participating in more than 100 international events and festivals in Belgium, Brunei, Canada, China, France, Greece, Holland, India, Indonesia, Israel, Italy, Japan, Korea, London, Malaysia, Nepal, Philippines, Spain, Thailand, Turkey and United States of America. Sri Warisan collaborated with other Arts Organizations including Jigri Yaar Bhaskar Arts, Apsaras Arts, Siong Leng Association and Dance Ensemble Singapore. Singapore Multi Ethnic Dance Ensemble repertoire includes Dance Harmony is specially created by the Cultural Medallion recipients Mdm Som Said, Mdm Yan Choong Lian and Mdm Neila Sathyalingam. This repertoire has been travelled to more than 100 cities around the world including New York, Spain, France, Korea, Canada, China, Greece, Holland, India and Italy.

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Von Ong

Von’s artistic journey began with a can of spray paint over a huge mural for a community project in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Embarking on a creative pathway since, Von has over 2 decades of experience teaching Visual Arts and ceramics in MOE schools.

From coordinating cluster-wide ART-inspired learning journeys to collaborating with National Gallery of Singapore on Museum Education and even authoring storybooks and assessment books for local publishing companies, she is a strong advocate for the creative arts. Currently, she has decided to pursue her lifelong passion to start her own private ceramics studio to do what makes her happy. Seize the clay, Von!

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Derek Ariss

Derek is Head of Innovation Education at Lightbulb Capital and is responsible for building the education practice, focusing on creativity, grit, adaptability, change, design thinking, technology, culture and mindset conducive to innovation. He previously provided guidance to the company as a Lightbulb Capital Advisory Board Member.

Derek teaches Innovation Culture Catalyst and Mindset, FinTech and Innovation courses at Singapore Management University. In addition he delivers innovation and mindset training for a number of financial services organisations in the banking, insurance and educational sectors .He is an accredited trainer by the Institute of Banking and Finance ( IBF)


Derek holds an MBA in International Marketing and Strategy and Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) from University of Windsor, Canada, a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Biology (Honours) from McMaster University


For the past 3 years he has been a regular contributor to “Business Insights” a publication by the Asian Institute of Chartered Bankers. His articles focus on human development and performance through mindset, resilience, and habit formation.

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