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Leadership Programmes

About our Leadership Programmes

Our leadership programmes focus on the society and the change that youth can make to better the social structure of our communities. Students, through Design Thinking, come up with solutions to solve pertinent social problems and share them with their peers, whether in school or inter-school.


Our Leadership Programmes

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Catalyze Change with re:ACT:

A Social Enterprise (SE) Challenge

Are you a youth leader with a passion for creating positive change? re:ACT invites you to embark on a transformative journey where your leadership skills will be put to the test, and your innovative ideas could become the next beacon of social impact.


About re:ACT SE challenge 

In collaboration with key Singapore governmental agencies, the re:ACT internship challenges students to develop a groundbreaking concept and business plan for a social enterprise. Imagine the impact your idea could have on a national scale!

Facilitating Through Forum Theatre Techniques

In this 5 hr Professional Development program, Nora Neo-Crothers, director of inwardBOUND will bring you through the use of Forum Theatre as a method of facilitating difficult subjects and to encourage dialgoue to empower participants.  You will learn about the form of Forum Theatre and it's use as a tool to facilitate interaction with participants. You will also learn constructive and destructive behaviours in factilitation. Finally, you'd have to put your understanding to a simple Forum Theatre of your chosen theme, changing selected destructive behaviours in facilitation, to constructive ones. Here you will have a chance to collaborate with the rest of the participants on this online course.

Mental Health Assembly Show

Mental Health is a topic of utmost importance these days. Youths want to engage in a conversation about this topic but do not know how to do so. In this assembly show, you will encounter a character going through some things in life and  you will be led through activities that encourages you to understand the situation on hand, as well as brainstorm various solutions for the characters. This reflective process is both easy and highly effective for you to share your thoughts in a safe place with people from across all walks of life and experiences.

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