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Art Forms

Speech & Drama

Speech & Drama

In this 8-hour programme, learn to build a play from scratch! From what makes up a performance to details on how to realise your very own script on stage. This programme has got everything you need to know about the basics of drama covered! Learn how improvisation can help in devising your own show, how to write a script, how to turn words on a page into an amazing performance!

Speech & Drama
Creating Your Personal Elevator Pitch

In this programme, you will learn how to create short and persuasive speeches, not necessarily for an employer, but any audience. You have to convince your audience to believe in your cause and take your side. If you are making a compelling statement about a topic such as climate change, this course will help you craft that speech in a succinct and effective fashion.

Speech & Drama
Poetry in Motion

In this 5-hour class, learn the basics of poetry broken into 3 parts. You will be shown how to use basic poetic devices to create a an effective and melodic poem that conveys a story, an emotion, or an idea. You will also learn the different types of poems and what they can be used for. At the end, you'll be able to write your own poem!

Meet Your Teacher
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Transformation Through Drama was founded in 2005 by Nora Crothers. At inwardBOUND, we believe that drama has the power to transform the very core of human society: the self. Our name represents a world made better through empathy and harmony. We nurture young talents to be the best at what they do because the future lies in their hands.

For over 15 years, we have tirelessly inspired thousands of participants and tens of thousands more audience members with our co-curricular programmes, touring shows, and our signature re:ACT Festival to drive social change. Our organic creation of a company has moved leaders in the theatre industry.


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